After being flooded by the hashtags of #postpomejeeandneetexams, the twitter is now trending with the #SpeakUpForSSCRailwaysStudents, #SpeakUp #RRBExamDates tweets.

On 1 September 2020 the community of teachers and students have started the twitter campaign against the higher examination authorities, for not releasing the SSC RRB results and exam dates many people on twitter lash their anger via unanimously tweeting against higher education bodies.

What’s Going on with SSC and RRB Results?

The exam is done, where is the result?

Staff Selection Commission(SSC)

SSC CGL (combined graduate level) exam is conducted by SSC to recruit various posts in ministries, departments, and organizations of the government of India.

In August 2017 SSC CGL 2017 exams were conducted. With the application of 326598 and 8134 vacancies, the exam held but due to the involvement of the supreme court on the leak of SSC CGL papers the result dates of the exam are postponed to 2019.

Next year in 2018 the SSC conducts SSC CGL 2018 exams but failed to complete the entire procedure of exam, on 29 December 2019 they conducted a third-tier CGL exam but haven’t announced its results.

By constraining the results of SSC CGL 2017 and SSC CGL 2018 third-tier exam the SSC has doomed the future of the students and has put their future at stake.

The Exam Is Done, Where Is the Job? Where Is the Exam Fee?

Railway Recruitment Board(REB)

RRB NTPC is a selection test conducted by RRB for non-technical popular categories (NTPC) posts in railways.

On 28 February 2019 the RRB releases a notification regarding the recruitment of RRB NTPC, with the total vacancies of 35277 and total applicants of 1.26 crore, the examination fee of  ₹500 from general and  ₹250 from other castes had been charged as RRB exam fee but the exam has becomes an issue because RRB hasn’t announced any date of examination, due to lack of proper exam channelizing agencies the exam of RRB NTPC has not been conducted yet and till now September 2020 the RRB has not yet clarified the proper date of conducting the RRB NTPC 2019 exam.

Around 1.26 crore students have paid  ₹500 or  ₹250 as an examination fee which approximately amounts to 

47 crores where is that money? 

In December 2019 the Railway recruitment board released the final list of the merits of the RRB ALP(assistant loco pilot) & technician 2018 exam. But RRB ALP hasn’t yet sent any appointment letters to the students who have qualified the exams. From 7 months they have been at their home unemployed. Where are the jobs?

Because of the recklessness and irresponsible behavior on the declaration of SSC RRB results student’s on twitter are lashing out their disappointment via tweeting.

What Are the Factors That Are Triggering the Mentality of Students?

“If on 5th of September the results of NTPC and Group D will not declare then I’ll do suicide” tweet by a student

In twitter, you will find similar mentality thoughts of lots of students who are trying to highlight their problems, their fear, their unemployment to the government.

Here Are the 3 Factors That Are Triggering Their Mentality

1) Betrayal by the TV Media and Newspaper

Media is known as the watchdog of democracy, a fourth pillar because their role in a country is to active the government about public issues and involving the public in government’s activities but the harsh reality of today’s news channels and newspapers is that they have somewhere become corrupted, instead of highlighting the relevant issues in the society they’re hiding and covering the activities and actions of the government.

Many students are losing their trust, their credibility from new channels and newspapers. They are feeling being betrayed, being unsupported, and abandoned by news channels and newspapers, their sentiments have been triggered because the media is not highlighting their issues in public.

2) Disappointment from Their Leaders

The public chooses the governments and votes for the leader by thinking that in future their problems will be heard, their problems will be addressed and their problems will be solved.

The leaders are meant to address and answer their public problems but in contrast of getting the positive response and support from the government, the problems of students are concealed and ignored, therefore, students are feeling being deceived and deprived of government support.

3) Helpless by Their Conditions

After being broken by TV channels, newspaper, and their leaders eventually the students found themselves more helpless by their conditions.

The one who is physically challenged loses the hope of being recognized, the one who dreams to end his poverty loses the hope of being strong, and the one on whom there is a trust of their parents to fulfill their dreams loses the hope of being successful.

Being engulfed by poverty, unfit physical health, and disappointment on the faces of their parents the students feel weak, they feel helpless, they don’t feel worth living.

What You and I Can Do for the Students?

Whenever the news channels, newspapers, and the leaders fail to do their job, its the public who awakes them, aware of their responsibilities and their duties.

To solve our problems, we have to become our voice, we have to speak for ourselves.

A campaign by the community of teachers and students have already started protesting against the exam authorities, from 1 September they are tweeting the tweets on Twitter with the hashtags #SpeakUpForSSCRailwaysStudents they are raising their voice against the government, against the corrupt bodies.

We can also help the students in echoing their voice to the higher authorities via tweeting their concern with the #SpeakUpForSSCRailwaysStudents, #SpeakUp #RRBExamDates tweets.

A voice for youth A voice for the voiceless.

 If you agree with us and want to join this movement, please share this with your friends and families to aware them about SSC RRB results. And comment down your views

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