Warning! The below statements are terrorizing normal.

“I feel afraid going out at night after 7:30”
“We can see and feel their hunger from their eyes”
“I always feel insecure among men”

These are the feelings that every woman in India feel, these are the fear that every woman in India experience, which are the somewhere appropriate cause in 93.1% cases the rapist is the known one of the victims hence their fear are justified.

The figures of rape cases in India have been escalated, according to NCRB 2018 data the rape cases in India increased from 57.9% to 58.7% (exclusive of the unreported rape cases).

The brutality of rape cases in India has surged to such extent that every 15 minutes a girl is raped right away, this animalism has somewhere proved that having a girl child now is not less than a curse.

Why Rape Happens ?What are The Factors That Are Somewhere Assisting The Rape Offenders?

Rapes in India

The hunger of the monsters for women is increasing day by day and behind the acceleration of their hunger, some factors are fuelling and supporting them to go for rape cases.

Here are 4 factors that are somewhere assisting the rapes in India.

1-Porn Addiction

“Pornography is a theory, rape is practice”
Pornography is a sexual fantasy that to some extent fulfills our sexual desire. But the question is “does it really fulfills our sex desire or actually enhances it?”

According to a survey, a number of porn consumers who are addicted to pornography likely to attempt more rape cases if they know they will never be caught.

But wait what’s here the relation between the consumption of porn and rape cases in India? Or if there is then how are they interconnected?

Let us understand in a better way

When a user watches porn, the effect of pornography doesn’t limit only up to his screen but does impact his behavior, his perspective towards sex.

When a person watches pornography the actual message he receives about sex is ”how sex should be done, how it should be sound and acted”.

The person who has not yet engaged in any sexual intercourse watches pornography and expects that it’s the way how sex is performed, how from beginning the girl will say no but it indirectly means yes, how slaps, using tools, and other aggressive things make sex more appealing.

Eventually, this entire scripted pornography directly invades the mind of users, it’s a lie that creates and reflects the false picture, and provocate their mind in criminal way.

The embodiment of above statement is the data which shows that often the cause of rapist behind raping a woman is that’s what he expects it to be “saying NO is YES”, “if she is crying then she is enjoying”, She is asking for it”, “Girls do like aggressive sex”.

Since there perspective towards women has been dominated by pornography hence they accept and expect that’s what’s a woman want and that’s how they want to be treated.

The more triggering fact is the pornography has dominated the mind of users in such a way that the people are even taking more interest in searching rape cases on porn websites.

2-Law and Order

“Fragile law and order makes them potent”
If there will be no fear in the eyes of criminals for attempting the crime then how we can expect from them to stop crime?

Law and order in any country protect the country’s peaceful boundaries by maintaining the crime rates. Among the citizen it’s an assurance that their existence under the country’s law and order is protected but what happens if the country’s law and orders fail to protect their women’s section, fails to punish the rapist, will the country’s condition be peaceful? Will a rapist ever think before attempting a crime?

The condition of Indian law & order often triggers the pain of the victim rather than the perpetrators. If we look over the analysis then over 2.4 lakh rape cases and POCSO are pending in court across the country, which means 2.4 lakh rapists are free and still not punished.

If we talk about the conviction rate in India then India’s conviction rate is around 27% which means out of 100 rape cases only 27 rape offenders are punished by the court and the rest get either bail or not punished.
The low conviction rate and absence of strong law & order against rape are somewhere responsible for the lower reports of rape cases in India.

3-Shameless Society

“The way we treat the way we nourish their perspective”
Think about the reputation of your family!
What was so necessary to go out that night?
Why were you wearing a short dress?

These are the questions and reactions that every victim suffers from after rape. The victim who instead of feeling being safe, feels humiliated, feels ashamed, and eventually, all this societal therapy normalizes her perspective that ‘everything never happens if she hasn’t crossed her limits’. On other hand, the rapist who should be afraid of what he has done, feels somewhere free, feel it was okay and eventually all this normalize his perspective that “everything that happens was not a big deal”.

Society’s treatment towards the rape is a concerning issue because it is one of the main reason behind the fact that the victim doesn’t confront she was being raped, she hesitates to commit because of being stigmatized and judged by the perspective of society.

Society’s conservative thoughts particularly on religion, caste, women stereotypes, and gender discrimination dominate the victim by oppressing them and makes the offender wilder and freer by supporting them.
In the Kathua rape case, the matter of fact was not that an 8-year-old child was gang-raped by 8 men but Muslim religion of victim was much more concerning fact for them, even rallies and allegations were driven by Hindu supporters to prevent the criminals.

4-Our ignorance

“Human outrage short lives”
Being ignorant we always worked according to the trend, we always pay attention and react according to the severity of the situation. Every day we read we see and we feel miserable by witnessing the surging rape cases in India but we never do anything unless a bigger happens to catch our eyes.

We do protest, we speak, we challenge the system but the problem is all our outrage is fueled in respect of the situation, the more normal case is (for us normal means casual rape case which doesn’t involve any new way of brutality) the less it’s visible to us.

We have normalized that rape is now a normal thing unless the inhumanity touches a new bar of shame and brutality unless the inhumanity shook our soul and crumbles our bones.

Somehow we have made ourselves suitable to the ongoing conditions, our outrage only escalates when something new happens, something bigger than before, something like a Nirbhaya rape case, Hyderabad gang rape, Kathua rape case, etc.

How we can deal with this threat?

In most of the rape cases, the threat is unidentified; it’s hard to anticipate the threat because the shadow of the rapist can be illusive, the rapist can turn out to be the one whom you trust (family one), the one whose job is to protect you (policeman) and the one whose job is to make you feel safe (political leader).

Identifying the incoming threat is not in our hand but so adopting the helpful measures are, through approaching these changes we can eradicate the threat, we can protect us from being the victim.

a) Sex Education: Nurture Their Mentality

To eradicate the rape threat we need to uproot it, we need to understand and change their mentality towards women.

Since everything that physically happens first takes place inside the brain hence we need to go to the cause and deal with it mentally. We need to focus on the training of the brain, the environment in which we are nurturing it because the more a brain will be well aware of do’s and don’t more there will fewer chances of attempting the crime.

Education never shapes the person as a good earner it always shapes a person as a good person, being educated reflects being aware of what is wrong and what is right.

We can educate the children in schools and colleges by awaring them about the severity of rape cases in India and the strict punishments for attempting it.

We can bring a change by nurturing the minds of students, by focusing and curving their perspective on the serious societal issue. So, Sex education is must but it is still missing from national education policy.

b) Self-defense: Make Them More Strong

Self-defense is one of the great skills to protect yourself from the incoming threat, it’s a technique through which you can avert the physical threat approaching you.

We need to strengthen our system but also our women. A woman becomes a rape victim when she isn’t able to protect herself from the perpetrators if the women will know how to protect themselves from the threat than the possibility of rape cases can be eliminated.

The government has initiated many programs under self-defense such ad Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, and National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Education (NPEGL) but still, these aspects need to be more aggrandize in schools and colleges.

If a female will be well trained to eradicate the physical threat then the possibility of rape cases can be decline.

c) Law and order: Offender Should Be Afraid of

For a solution to the problem first the problem needs to be visible since, 71% rape cases in India are mostly unreported hence no actions have been taken by the court against criminals. But by making effective changes in the judicial system the government can bridge the gap between the unreported and reported ones. Once the victims start lodging FIR, the court will get pressurize to take action on it and the conviction rate will also improve.

In North Korea the rape offender is shot by the bullet on the spinal cord after being convicted as a rapist, In Iraq, the rapist’s head is beheaded in public after proven guilty by the court.
The government of India should also strictly enforce capital punishment to the rapists to set an example of attempting rape in society. Some arguments say that capital death is not the solution for committing the crime but if it is not the ultimate solution then why rape cases from past years are surging rather than declining?

d) Gender Sensitization

Gender sensitization means awaring others about the issues towards gender equality concerns.
Society consists and is raised of two-part men and women but dominated by only one, having a girl child nowadays is though accepted by educated parents but nourishment does vary.

Since from the beginning, we have considered women as a soft part and men as a rough hence the inequality behavior in opportunities and perspective towards women makes them weak and inferior.

The line that we have created ourselves between men and women regarding work, power, and skills needs to be eradicated. If the women will consider herself a part of male domination then how will she able to bring the change for their interest in the society. Mostly in the villages, rape happens and accepted as the part of the women’s life because there is a gap of sense equality between men and women.

We can help, as parents and teachers we can perform our duty in eradicating this issue. Since the perspective of every person curves in the environment of their surroundings hence we as parents need to channelize our way of treating the child and as a teacher we need to create their way of seeing the women as equal as men are.

e) Legalization of Prostitution with Proper Government Regulations

Sex work is an occupation where an individual trades his/her body for money. Since sex work in India is illegal hence the violence against sex workers mostly increases and often neglected.

Being working illegally the sex workers fear that if they approach the police to report a sexual crime then in contrast to being helped they will get arrest for running the illegal business.

If the government legalizes prostitution with regulated law (govt licensing) then not only the sex workers will be safer but also the men who attempt rape for sexual activity will have the option via prostitutes.

The following research of different parts of countries shows that decriminalizing prostitution has not only decline rape cases and sexual assaults  in the area but also improved the safety of sex workers.

The National Bureau of Economic Research shows that decriminalizing in Rhode Island declines the rape cases and gonorrhea incidents in the area.

Holland’s legalization of prostitution reduces rape.


Every day whenever our sisters and mother reach home late we pray that everything should be fine we pray for their safety because we live in that society which is now more a monster’s place rather than humans, a human is not safe among humans.

The triggering fact is India is ranked the world’s most dangerous country for women.
The only way to tackle this starts from uniting together, until or unless we will not awake, these predators will not aware of what they are doing.

Hence don’t wait for something to react, don’t wait for another Nirbhaya, Priyanka Reddy, Asifa to act. Let’s unite together by awaking the system together, join us in the #makeindiasafe campaign. Remember our sisters and women in our country are not safe!

Warning! It’s terrorizing normal.

Writing and travelling are always my therapy. Do send me a feedback to improve my content.

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  1. I’m totally impressed…..each n every word in this article is bursting my anger towards this bloody rapists….I know this is a very n most important case in our country which is becoming more terrifying day by day n nothing happens to be good I wish that who r reading this article may be they will more never be a spectacle n do some action coz unity is most important…..I really appreciate ur work towards this which has to be enlightenment…
    Thank u so much today u again make me feel my duty towards our country

    1. I feel good to know that this article enlightened every facts , problem , reasons and solution . Generally, we talked about rape cases whenever we heard an another headline in news channel or read somewhere in newspapers and criticized our society and government and then the topic is shut down . We move on in our lives , I literally like that line when you said we adopted this lifestyle. Actually yes, we have . Even this is not a lifestyle it’s just a chance to welcome a new rape in our country. The solution given above are taken to be on a serious note. I love reading all the article , easy language and clear facts. Well done 👍

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