Why we should travel?

You all must be wondering, why should I waste money and time on traveling. And if I wish to travel, so how can I travel for free or with less money.
Let’s talk about why to travel. We all think that we are invincible and we assume that we are gonna live forever but far too often life reminds us that is not the case. You know we all have plans and goals in life but sometimes life takes us down a different road and we need to adapt. So life is short take vaccinations. We need to take off time from school and work to recharge our batteries.
 There’s a strong correlation between travel and happiness and actually more productive than those who’s just been toiling away in their cubicle. The advantage of traveling is seeing the world and diversity in a new light in the polarized world that we live in. I think travel is essential for breaking down the walls and preconceived notions that we have about other countries and other cultures. So prioritize travel now why procrastinate why wait until you are old and grey. Do it now. There is no reason not to. Travel opens us up to the wonders of our world.
In so many ways, it helps you appreciate nature. When you are traveling you open up to new things. A great thing about travel is that it connects you with people. It is people that really make your experience vital. It is a form of escape. It could be a business opportunity and obligation the way to connect with cultures and languages. We are not getting any younger and while the world is not going anywhere, we most certainly are. People would rather help you than hurt you. Locals take great pride in showing us, the traveler, their world. Whatever the culture you would not believe the lengths of hospitality that people go through. It doesn’t mean much if you are not connecting and you are not sharing with the right people because people we meet on a journey out there, on our journey in here, shape the world, shape the way we look at everything.
We have so much common with people around the world than you may think because ultimately we all want the same things, which is why at the root of our spiritual comfort zone, the layer closest to our souls, we are all looking for fulfillment. We are afraid to leave the safety of our routine to pursue something greater.
How to travel for free or with minimum expenses?
You might think I cannot afford it but I am sure that there’s plenty of ways that you could cut costs. Actually, all the expenses while you are traveling fall into three major categories. First is transportation, the other one is accommodation and at last is everything else food, drinks and so on. If you minimize those three expenses, it can actually be cheaper to travel than living in your own city.


Hitchhiking apart from free, apart from being fast it allows to have an adventure from your starting point to final point. Talk with the driver because that is the only way you can repay them, they would like to listen to an interesting story, if you have one. There are other alternatives to transportation. One of them is walking, another way is cycling, it is not may be completely free, because you have to bye the bicycle and eventually fix it but it is much cheaper then the conventional methods of transportation and the last one is actually working INR exchange for transportation.


For accommodation, Couchsurfing can be used. Couchsurfing is an internet website that allows you to host travelers in your own home, and at the same time, it allows you to stay in other people’s homes while you are traveling yourself. It is free as well as it allows you to have a different perspective of the destination. You are not destined to stay in your hotel room or take tourist tours. You just hang out with your host he takes you on places that you would probably never visit by yourself. But also there are some other alternatives, one of them is camping, you have your tent, you can sleep almost everywhere you want or you can. You can also sleep in parks with a sleeping bag and mattress. The last one when it comes to accommodation is volunteering. There are a lot of opportunities all around the world that offer you to work in exchange for accommodation, sometimes even food.

When it comes to all the other expenses, one of them is the food you can buy food in supermarkets, which is the cheapest way and just eat on the streets. You can also cook with your host, which can be a pretty unique experience. Another thing is dumpster diving, maybe over 40-50% of the food that is being produced is being thrown away and a lot of people have a problem with that, so they go to supermarket bins after the closing hours and just take all the food that is not going to be sold the day after. This is how you can travel really cheaply.
Now, we have answered the most important question related to traveling. That’s how to travel free. Now the only thing that’s stopping you is fear.People are kind of afraid of leaving because they don’t know what’s going to wait for them once they come back. But have the courage to explore the new world with a new perspective. So, next time you google the cheapest place to travel instead of search for the best places to travel because you know how to travel free.

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