“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”-Steve Jobs

One day in the morning you wake up and see that a 7-year boy name Chintu has made an app. The set of questions that comes to your mind are “what is coding and how he did it? Is it really possible to do computer coding at an early stage?” “Which personalities have learned coding in their childhood days?”

Lets together address the questions one by one

What Is Coding?

computer coding

Coding is the process to write some lines of code that can be used as a medium to communicate between machines and humans. It’s a skill where you take instructions and translate it into a language that the computer understands. Since computers do not communicate in English or in any other language hence they communicate in a language. Via which coders write the instructions using a programming language and develop applications, websites, and software.

By coding languages such as JavaScript, Swift, HTML, Python, CSS, and Ruby, etc the coder commands or ready the computer to perform the assisted work.

Is Coding Possible At An Early Age?

Coding is possible at an early stage and popular programmers and non-programmers like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg prove that learning coding languages in early childhood days is possible to understand.

The two factors that state, why coding at an early stage is possible, are

Why You To Learn How To Code?

Fearless And Eager Mind

If you’re in college or in the working sector then you most probably have future tension, career stress, and financial obligations. Before undertaking any activity first question pop up in your mind is whether this thing will end up in my future benefit or not? Will it help me in financial status?

But suppose now you’re a child then do you still have these career stress or future goals tension? Or that much overthinking before learning anything new? No in contrast you would be fearless to take any step plus eager to explore more new things about everything because your mind is carefree.

Therefore when a beginner’s coding languages are introduced to a child at its initial stage, the child learns it swiftly, in contrast, to mature minds because the younger mind is fearless and most importantly eager to grab new things in its surroundings.  

Empty Mind

You have most probably heard a quote across your school and college days that “whenever you sit for study in a classroom try to sit with an empty mind”.  

Because when your mind is empty you easily receive and understand the concept.

Same logic sets with younger minds. Since the minds are empty and unnourished hence it becomes easier for them to synchronize the computer language in their minds.

At the early stage, the unnourished mind is capable of learning two languages in contrast to the adulthood mind hence when coding is introduced to 7-8 year children, they easily grab it and able to catch it a lot quicker.

Famous personalities Who Learned Coding At An Early Age

Mark Zuckerberg (Founder Of Facebook)

Mark was in 6th grade when he started to code from the beginning it was clear he was talented. He indulged in coding from his youth days where his dad presents him C++ for dummies as a birthday present and from that point he went into the universe of coding. His dad likewise got a mentor for Mark to teach him his coding skills.

Bill Gates (Founder Of Microsoft)

Bill Gates figured out how to code when he was in eighth grade. His first program was in BASIC and was a PC representation of Game Tic Tac Toe.

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad (World’s Youngest Programmer)

Starting at six years old, Muhammad grew up around PCs where he builds up his affection for programming and has the objective of becoming like his idol Bil Gates. In addition to the fact that he is gifted, he is certified by Microsoft coding certificate for studying six months.

Tanmay Bakshi (Youngest IBM Watson Programmer in the world)

15-year-old Tanmay Bakshi turned into the world’s most youthful IBM Watson Programmer at 12 years old. He began coding at 5 years old, made an iOS application at 9.

 Should Everyone Learn How To Code?

This is not necessary that everyone should know how to code. One should learn that thing in which he/she is interested. But if you are interested and still you are not trying to learn how to code. You are doing a big mistake. There is no age limit to learn anything. You just have to give your 100% and you will master any language. You just need a little push. But, yes if you are not interested leave it. You can bring a revolution without even knowing a single line of code. Steve Jobs is an example. So, learn whatever you like. Always remember Code for Passion! Don’t code just for the Job!


See coding is not a goal it’s a gateway that opens several paths. It’s much the same as you learn English to communicate with others not to turn into an author or instructor. Similarly, coding isn’t just learned with a tag of turning out to be a programming engineer or an application designer but to realize how to communicate essentially to technology.
“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” – This quote was given by Steve Jobs. Although Steve Jobs was not a programmer by himself still he was aware of the importance of coding. Coding makes you creative. If you code your problem-solving skills will enhance. Being a coder is equivalent to being a problem solver, you connect with different learning, creativity, communication, and confidence and since you are connected with technology hence you always think logically better.
In contrast, if we discuss the career paths that as a coder you can pursue then you can opt for cybersecurity or even self protect your own data, software engineering, web developer, application developer, digital marketing manager, etc.

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