You must have heard about semen retention. You might have heard from your friends or on the internet that you should not masturbate too much. You might be thinking why so because it is not harming anyone. Then why are they asking you to stop masturbating? They might have ask you to follow no fap or semen retention. But what exactly is semen retention? Let’s find out about semen retention.

What is semen retention? 

Semen retention or Oja’s accumulation means when someone practice to stop ejaculating the semen on purpose. Those who practice semen retention abstain from sexual activities to prevent ejaculation. 

This can be done by avoiding sex or masturbation. But the core idea of semen retention focuses on avoiding masturbation. Although it seems kinda impossible in this modern world but I can assure you if you practice semen retention your life will be changed forever.

Is Semen Retention A New Concept?

No, semen retention is not a new concept. One can find many references of semen retention in Ayurveda. But there is a difference between the ideology of modern science and Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, one should not indulge in sexual activity until the age of 25. But according to modern science, one can masturbate 1 time a week of any age. But if you want to get all benefits of semen retention, masturbation should be avoided at any cost. 

Significance Of Semen Retention In Ayurveda

Semen retention in ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, there are three main nadis among fourteen namely Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. In a normal person, Ida and Pingala are activated but those who practice brahmacharya and intense meditation their Sushumna is activated too. It activates all the chakra in the upward direction of the body. Almost after twelve years of brahmacharya, it activates the nerve of memory (MedhaNadi) and the person becomes quite smart and intelligent.

In the process of food digestion, in the small intestine body fluid is made from which blood is formed after that flesh then fat then bones then bone marrow and at last, semen is formed. All this process takes sixty-four days to complete.

If after sixty-four days semen is not ejaculated then for three weeks semen is stored in the epididymis. After eighty-four days semen is absorbed in the blood which makes the finest brain and body.

Benefits Of Semen Retention


You might have not considered this before but what it really means is you choose how you behave rather than being driven by your senses. This is about knowing SELF. When you feel the compulsive desire but when you don’t do it, when you actually behave in a way that is in alignment with your higher self with what you know is bad for you rather than how you have been conditioned to behave based on your emotion or thoughts, that is when you realize who you really are.

Enhanced creativity

Semen is the source of your creative energy. It is what drives you to procreate, since the beginning of the evolution that is the force that you have inside to create a new expression of you. What if you could actually channel that energy within you rather than outside of you and use it to expand what you believe to be possible about yourself right because the source of your creativity is a source of what we are here to do. 

Increased Drive

There are research studies that have been done showing that seven days of semen retention can increase testosterone levels by up to one forty-five percent. Testosterone is the driving force behind your drive, ambition. So, after you have the creativity after you have that awareness of who you really are then by semen retention you can actually facilitate the drive to actually make that happen, to follow through with the behavior.


Once you start the journey of semen retention you will realize I don’t really need anything outside of me. What I really want to imply here is you don’t need anyone’s approval to feel good. And when you will realize you are everything that you need you won’t look for your happiness. You came to this world alone and will leave alone. It comes down to disciplining yourself.


It is something that is misunderstood in society because you know words don’t have any meaning other than the meaning we give to them. There is a perception, deception going on whereby the meanings of certain words are looked down upon like power is bad. Power simply means ability. 

When you are on a semen retention journey then you begin developing your ability to create results in your life. Because when your mind is working for you rather than against you, then you have controlled your thoughts. Your body is working for you rather than against you. Because you have controlled your senses that is when you have the power to create the life you want. 

Improved Stamina

By practicing semen retention the sperm quality becomes better and the period of sex becomes longer because you do not ejaculate quickly. It will give you and your partner long-lasting and satisfactory results in bed.

Boost Immune System

Your semen contains many vitamins and minerals including:
• Calcium
• Vitamin C
• Citric acid
• Lactic acid
• Magnesium
• Phosphorus
• Sodium
• Potassium
• Vitamin B12
• Zinc

These vitamins and minerals helps in boosting your immune system.

Sleep quality

The right amount of testosterone levels could make your sleep quality better. Low testosterone level results in sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation could result in other problems in daily life. Semen retention can solve this problem as testosterone levels are increased by following it.

How To Follow No Fap?

So far we have learned about semen retention or no fap but the question is how to start a no fap journey and how to follow it for a long time.

1- Clean Your Device

Remove all the sexually explicit content from your life. Delete pornographic material from your devices and unfollow all the girls from social media that arise your sexual desires. Social media has become another source of soft porn so please avoid social media.

2- Exercise daily

The basic concept behind exercising is it keeps your body fit and exercising makes your body feel tired and it is obvious that you will not masturbate if you are tired.

3- Mediate Daily

Medication makes a big impact on our body from better blood circulation to giving rise to a creative mind. There is a lot of health benefits to mediation. So, trying meditation is good for your body as well for your no fap journey.

4- Use porn blockers 

 Although we keep all the precautions there will be a time when your body urges for sexual content. So there is a chance that you will expose your body to pornography again and that will end your no fap journey. So to reduce the possibility of such events you should use porn blockers, on your device.

My personal recommendation is this blockerX.

5- Keep An Eye On Your Streak

Just like you keep eye on your game-high score, in the same way, keep an eye on your no fap days count. It will keep you motivated all over the journey and you will feel happy after seeing your day by day achievements. You can check this app for your streak counter- Men don’t fap.

6- Stay Motivated

Motivation is a key factor in no fap journey. If somewhere you lose your motivation it can be bad for your streak. So, join different groups of people following no fap journey talk with them, watch videos of people who completed their no fap journey. Their stories will keep you motivated.

What If You Broke Your Streak?

When you are addicted to something it is nearly impossible to stop the addiction. So it is obvious if you masturbate during your journey. But don’t lose hope this is normal human behavior.

So What Should You Do?

1. After you relapse, take a cold shower.

2. After showering think deeply about where and what went wrong why you feel urges, note it down, and identify the loophole.

3. After finding the loophole always keep that thing in mind and learn from your past mistakes.

4. Get ready for new streak again and again. Just don’t give up.

Does Semen Retention actually work?

There is still a study going on semen retention. But data we get till date we can ensure Semen Retention has several health benefits mentioned above. Although if you masturbate a lot you must have felt the regret and heavy body after masturbation. You can feel the reduction in your physical strength. 

Many great reformers of the world have supported semen retention. And according to them, semen retention actually works and best for your body and brain. Some of the great reformers are Nikola Tesla, Swami Vivekanand, and Mike Tyson. They all supported semen retention openly. 

Why Do So Many Scientific Researches Say That Masturbating Is Good For Health?

Yes, I agree there are several health benefits of masturbation but everything in a controlled manner is ok but excessive is destructive. If you start masturbating by getting inspired by all these benefits. After some time you will become a masturbation addict. And if this happens you urge for masturbation even though your body doesn’t want it but your mind will ask you to masturbate. Then, the masturbation you started for getting benefits will slowly destroy your body. So, it is better to be on the safer side and avoid masturbation. Too much masturbation also led you to porn addiction.


The study on semen retention is still going on so, we can’t say anything about the benefits. So, one should try Semen Retention by itself for at least 30 days to check it actually works or not. It is the only way you can find the benefits. But if you think you can’t control or stop masturbation then just limit your frequency to 1 session per week. But not more than 1. You should not mastubrate while watching porn. Pornography has very serious effects on your body so if you want to mastubrate avoid porn. And if you are ready to start your semen retention journey, my best wishes are with you. And for motivation purposes just remember the quote “one day or day one? You choose”. 

If you have any queries regarding semen retention or want to know tell your no fap journey. Please, comment on your views, suggestions, or story.

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