“Depression isn’t just being a bit sad. It’s feeling nothing. It’s not wanting to be alive anymore”. -J. K. Rowling

You know there is a line that everyone crosses in their life and what makes them cross the line is the daily sadness, anger, bad events, and ups and downs in life they go through and it’s all normal, crossing the line and coming back to normal life again. It’s completely fine.
But what makes it abnormal here is, what if we cross the line and never come back? What if an event that we been through makes us stay forever?
What if we are clinically depressed?

What Is Depression?      

Depression is a state of mind, which is being structured by the strong negative feelings or events in life, causes the lack of energy, interest, loss of sleep, appetite and brings suicidal thoughts enough to interfere in one’s ability to work and to maintain its mental health.

Depression is a common mental health disorder which more than 264 million peoples worldwide of all ages suffer from and the symptoms that an individual suffers from should last at least 2 weeks. 

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There are some basic changes which often occur in a state of depression

a) Lack of sleep pattern

b) Lack of energy and interest

c) Restlessness, anger, irritation

d) Loss of appetite

e) Feeling self-guilt and worthless

f) Lack of concentration

Some other depression symptoms cannot be medically diagnosed.

Feeling Depressed VS Having Depression 


There is a nuance between feeling depressed and having depression. The term feeling depressed itself reflects its meaning that is, it’s a feeling of sadness that occurs due to the normal ups and downs in life like an argument with someone, bad weather or even poor marks in a test can bring one to such feeling of temporary sadness and therefore this feeling comes with the time and goes by the time without interfering one’s ability and stability of mental health.

But having depression is a persistent and persuasive sadness that occurs due to strong negative events in one’s life like losing someone close or even by genes. This condition doesn’t go easily by time in contrast it lasts for a period, affecting one’s ability to work and stability to maintain good mental health. A person having depression faces symptoms such as lack of appetite, sleep, energy, guilt, and even suicidal thoughts for more than 2 weeks.


Why It’s Not Easy To Snap Out Of Depression?

Just like physical illnesses such as heart disease or fractured bone affects the performance of one’s strength to do daily tasks similarly in depression which is a mental health illness affects one’s ability and productivity to do daily work. Due to lack of proper sleep and diet, depression interferes with one’s physical state too. In depression case, one can also be either start losing fat or end up gaining, which makes them helpless to feel okay and somewhere restless to say okay.

The other reason is the social standards regarding mental health disorders. Though depression is common in society but it’s not acceptable and treated as common as it is stated, the people who suffer from depression mostly fear to be tagged and treated by society’s standards. For example, the mental health of men, on one hand, men in our society are seen with a perspective of strength and toughness and on other hand being mentally diagnosed makes their muscularity fragile and delicate. Men’s mental health in a society is often overlooked and hence it results in a stigma for them to bear.

The individuals who are being diagnosed with depression goes under the loss of energy and interest to do anything, above from that the high social standards and labels which are being attached to them for their disease dominates their fear and results in more severeness in their mental health disorders and gradually put them closer little by little to suicidal thoughts.

Since most of them are mentally incarcerated both by the mental health disorders and mental health stigma hence it becomes difficult for them to easily snap it out from their depression


What Can One Do To Cure Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder which is 90% curable and the two approaches that can be directed as a cure for it are

a) Biological Approach

Since the cause of depression can be the imbalance of chemicals (Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine) in the brain hence the cure of depression can be balancing the level of these chemicals in the brain. Through the dose of antidepressants (such as Fluoxetine, Citalopram, Sertraline, etc) one is scheduled to be under the medication for a period. According to Eric Endlich, Ph.D., a clinical phycologist based in Boston, antidepressants can help in balancing the neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) and lifting the mood of the individual. 

b) Psychological Approach

Whether you’re in physical pain or mental pain doesn’t matter, what matter is a person to be by your side and in depression-like mental health issues where the individual’s suffering is intangible, they need someone’s presence to vent out their inner feelings about the event or emotions they are been through. They need someone to patiently listen to them without any judgment. Therefore, in depression what acts as a basic and effective panacea is talk therapy which could be by anyone, your friend, your family, social workers, physical therapist, etc.

Apart from these two approaches what the most common and basic approach that we and the diagnosed individual always lack is the ‘understanding’. In our society, though depression is commonly curable but what most uncommon is the lack of understanding between society and the mentally ill person. Due to the lack of this understanding between an individual and society, the fear of an individual for being labeled and treated for who they are, apart and scare them from society. Eventually, give heights to the standards of mental health stigma.

Therefore, what most common practice we can do being a society is to plunge the walls and stigmas that we have created for mental health issues and whereas being diagnosed with poor mental health, what we need to do is being honest and open about our mental health disorders therefore only depression can be cured easily.


Being diagnosed with depression is not a self-choice, any gender, any age can suffer from it. What we should stress more on is being open-minded towards it and honest with our mental health disorders because depression is a mental health issue which is structured by the strong negative feeling in our life, therefore, the basic treatment a person needs during this phase is the attention and care from the surrounding especially there loved one.

Just wearing a white coat and authenticated by a degree is not always the only way to treat depression, a small talk with the person can make a difference, can save a life.  

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