What is the Digital Quality of Life Index?

Digital Quality of Life Index is an index prepared by a VPN provider , SurfShark, based in the British Virgin Islands. It is global research on the quality of digital wellbeing in 85 countries hence covering 81% of the global population.

Five pillars that determine the digital quality of life

Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2020 offers a unique insight into the overall digital quality of life-based on five core pillars. 1-Internet affordability -How much time people have to work to afford the internet connection. 2-Internet quality - How fast and stable is the internet connectivity in a country. 3-Electronic infrastructure-How developed and inclusive is the existing electronic infrastructure. 4-Electronic government-How advanced and digitized are the country’s governmental services  5-Electronic security-How safe and protected can people feel in a country

Top 5 countries of the Digital Quality of Life Index 2020: Denmark Sweden Canada France Norway

Key Takeaways of Digital Quality of Life Index 2020:

1-The report indicates that 7 out of 10 countries having the highest digital quality of life are in Europe. 2-It shows that there is high inequality in internet affordability as people in 75% of the researched countries have to work more than the global average to afford the internet. 3-The internet stability was severely impacted by the COVID-19 as 49 of 85 countries experienced drops in mobile and 44 in broadband speed due to WFH setting . 4-It reveals that 95% of people in Scandinavia use the internet, hence it is the most active internet user base while 35% of people use the internet in Southern Asia making it the least active region globally. 5-It indicates that the internet speed is more in countries having high ICT adoption rates and internet usage. 6-European Union countries topped in protecting people’s personal data. Hence, they are the leaders in implementing effective cybersecurity policies as well as ensuring personal data protection.