For the first time, the world is still, the world is shocked and the world is silent. Today we are part of an era where we are in a war, standing weaponless and helpless in front of the invisible enemy “Coronavirus”.

Every day from all around the world new cases of coronavirus are spiking, the people are dying, they are losing their jobs, they are losing their families. The countries economy and human resources are on the edge of destruction. The worst part is we don’t have yet any vaccination available for the treatment of this virus but the hopeful part is we do have some coronavirus precaution; we do have some guidelines by WHO through which we can protect us and other too from getting infected.

According to WHO guidelines, washing our hands regularly with soap, making social distancing, and wearing a mask in public can be a panacea in this fighting against coronavirus. But instead of abiding by these guidelines, there is a sudden refutes and rage in public going on.

From the past few days apart from the surging cases of coronavirus, an unusual trend is prevailing among the people over the internet. On social media people are circulating their own theories for not wearing the mask, even the people from different countries are coming out of their houses and refuting to wear masks in public, they have their own arguments and questions against the relevancy of wearing masks in public. They believe that these measures are not helpful instead of it they are just for manipulating the minds.

What are these anti-mask theories?

Anti mask theories are the theories of people that support “wearing masks in public is nonsensical”.
Here are the three categorized anti-mask theories
1) Health theory

2) Psychological theory

3) Mixed theory

Health theory


“Wearing a mask triggers the condition of Hypercapnia or Hypoxia”.

Hypercapnia (known as carbon dioxide poisoning) is a condition when the level of carbon dioxide in the blood increases and leads to the hosting of other harmful symptoms. People are claiming that by wearing the mask for prolonged hours they couldn’t breathe properly since their released carbon dioxide particles get trap in the hard fibers of mask hence they felt dizzy and hyperventilate.

But for this theory, several counterattacks have been given by veteran professionals like
“CO2 molecules are too simply small to control by the majority of mask material and simply passes through” by Victoria Forster

“WHO itself recommends that those who are having breathing trouble avoid wearing a tight mask-like N95 and surgical mask and wear a loose mask or cloth fiber mask”.

Psychological theory

Sign of control

“I’m a citizen of the liberal nation and I have my right of choice”

In the US the people who value their rights and freedom believe that since this is a liberal nation, a liberal society hence they should have their liberal choices. They are outraged by the law of wearing a mask in public, for them mask is a belief of bondage and a sign of control, it’s against their liberty and their choice hence they are protecting their liberty by opposing the law.

Fear factor

“We can’t see it so it’s not there”

There is a human psychology “the brain doesn’t react unless the danger is not visible”. The same thing is happening with the people since people are quarantined at home for months and they haven’t seen any dead bodies or heard any death news of their family ones due to the coronavirus hence a kind of positive and healthy image has been developed in their minds. They don’t care about wearing a mask in public because they don’t have any fear of getting infected.

Mixed theory

Confusion and Chaos

There is a thread of miscommunication going on between the public and the system. The public is losing its credibility, they are feeling confused and being cheated by the system, they don’t know who to trust and follow because earlier at mid of April they were told to wear mask only when they are in close contact with covid19 patient but now masks have strictly become mandatory in public and even fined, in case you’re not wearing a mask. So somewhere in between improper channelizing and imposing of guidelines a chaotic situation has been developed among the public. They don’t know what to do hence they are making up their minds.

Infected from Influencers

President trump not wearing mask

The people who believe in their leader they follow their every action, every word, and every step. In the US the leaders are leaving a sort of negative impact on their audience.
Like in this picture of US President Donald Trump his visit to the Honeywell mask factory without a mask seems like everything is under control; similarly, the picture of US vice president Mike Pence not wearing a mask during his visit to a hospital also portraying the same.

Manipulation and Misinterpretation of data

There are various manipulated data that are circulating and being misinterpreted by the people on social media.
In the US the situation is already not peaceful, the whole public is outraged by the George Floyd murder case. They are angry and they are against their government. Above from it the anti maskers are smartly mixing the emotions and using the anger of people, they are deliberately orating hatred speeches (mixing George Floyd murder cases) and sharing fake information (like medical ID cards for not wearing masks in public) to mislead the public against the government. The people who are already confused by the system and wrongly influenced by their leaders eventually find their surety in these manipulated and misinterpreted data and easily accept these theories.

Then what would be the better choice to make?

We are in between the situation where we are surrounded by certain public theories some of them are true or some of them are not but blindly following these theories and self concluding that wearing masks is worthless could be a fatal choice for self and others too. The best choice we can opt  here is instead of saying NO to mask, we can work on the suitability of the mask.

Here are simple hacks that you and I can do to make our mask more comfortable and suitable.

1) If you have a breathing problem then avoid using surgical masks or N95 masks because they are much tighter and heavy fiber masks instead of them you can use cloth fiber masks or loose masks in public.

2) To prevent your skin from dryness and irritation by mask, you can apply moisturizer on your skin half an hour before wearing a mask.

3) To make your mask more comfortable on your nose and chin “you can place a piece of tissue on the tip of your nose and on your lower loop ” to prevent mask irritation.

4) If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask for prolonged hours in public then you can practice these three steps

  • Practice wearing masks for short periods at home to get used to it.
  • Whenever you go out for anything prepare the list before and try to make the purchase quickly.

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