During this difficult time of the pandemic, there are some people who are giving there best to help and save people’s lives. Without these people, our lives could be in danger and still few people only care to go outside to wander around the streets. The unsung heroes I’m talking about our health workers, Asha workers, bank employees, sanitation workers, delivery executives, groceries, pharmacies, and people who are individually contributing to society.
Our health workers are the frontline warriors who are fighting an invisible and mutant enemy. But some videos are going viral where people are harassing and attacking them. People have to understand during this pandemic only our health workers can save our lives. They are risking their own lives to save others. Thousands of health workers are already infected and still, India lacks in providing them PPE kits. India needs at least a million PPE kits, 40 million N95 masks, 20 million surgical masks, and a million liters of hand sanitizer at the moment. Asha Workers are also risking their lives but they are only getting an additional Rs 1,000 whereas the government doubled the health workers’ salary.
Sanitation workers are ensuring that the spread of the virus is curbed. Cleaners and garbage disposal workers are doing their job of keeping the country clean, some even are doing it even without protective gear. Bank employees are also doing their job so that people can access their money in the time of need. Pharmacies are also open to ensure keeping the supply of medicines running. Greengrocers are selling by going street to street so that people don’t have to go far to buy groceries and if you don’t know how to cook delivery executives had solutions for this too. You can order online in sites like Swiggy and Zomato and food will be delivered.
All the professions mentioned above are doing their jobs by risking their lives but there are individuals who are helping others in these crises. When other celebrities are busy enjoying their lockdown with their families, we see the new face of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. He has been helping thousands of migrant workers, stranded by the Covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai, return home. He even arranged food so that they won’t have any problems during the journey. Different charities and NGOs are feeding many migrant workers and sex workers.
For people who can’t find the nearest Gurudwara, Sikh Community launches ‘Langar on wheels’. They fed over 15,000 underprivileged people daily. Distribution was managed by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.
Baba Karnail Singh has fed over 2 million people on Maharashtra’s NH-7 highway since lockdown began in March.
Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana and force motors started ‘Mobile Dispensary Seva’ has worked in more than 50 cities and now has more than 230 vans. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has delivered food kits to more than 900 sex workers. 300 members of Jamaat have donated plasma.
Manish Mundra, producer of Masaan donated food kits, sanitary pads, PPE kits, and hospital beds. Chef Vikas Khanna donated food to hundreds of poor families. He reconnects with old age home in Bhubaneswar, interacts with inmates, delivers ration. He extends help to Amphan-affected Bengal. NLSU Alumni arrange a chartered flight to ferry 180 migrant workers to Raipur from Bengaluru.
Delhi based jeweler Atul Jain protected everyday heroes by giving free surgical masks amid COVID-19 pandemic. The medical social welfare unit of AIIMS has approached Jain yet again through the same NGO for cloth masks as the surgical masks are needed for the doctors and frontline health workers.
Akshay Kothawale who is an auto-rickshaw driver used money he saved for his marriage to help migrant workers.
Rana Ayyub arranged ration for poor people and distributed it in Mumbai hotspots. He provided ration to more than 30,000 families.
Noida’s Roti bank, starting from 3 societies the journey ended with 60 societies participating in the cause. It provided more than 18 lakh Rotis to Noida community kitchen.
Gurgaon nagrik ekta manch distributed meals to more than 20 lakh people.
Chayarani Sahu distributed vegetables free of cost in 15 villages.

When others are seeking pandemic as an opportunity, we have Idli Amma who served her world-famous idli in just  ₹1.
Age is just number, this is proven by Gurudev Kaur whose age is 100 years but still stitches free masks for poor people.

Lockdown shows the brutality of police towards migrant workers in opposite to that we have Bengaluru police officers distribute sanitary pads among 30,000 migrant women.
Citizens who have donated in funds like PM care or any other fund which helps needy people have contributed their fair share in this battle. People who continued giving salaries to their household workers also deserve our praise.
There are more examples of such acts of humanity. It proves humanity is still alive somewhere.
After corona when everyone will be on their regular routine, we must know why we are living our regular routine. So let’s take a pledge to respect these warriors. And to help others as they did so and this will be our first step towards the establishment of humanity

Hi everyone, I'm pursuing higher education right now. I wish to enlighten the world with the importance of humanity and the bond we share with each other.

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