Japan is one of the world’s most literate and technically advanced nations. We all are aware of how cool is Japan, our parents used to tell super minded kids of Japan and we already saw much in anime about Japan. Due to this, Japan is one of the best countries in the world. But Japan has a dark past which consists of killing mercilessly innocent people and still not ready to accept their crimes. Let’s find out the dark truth of Japan and think once again about the glitters that anime has shown us.


History of Nanking


The city of Nanking was founded in the eighth century B.C and is located in the Eastern half of China along the Yangtze River. This city has played a crucial role in Chinese history and culture. The city has served as China’s primary capital for several separate periods in time until 1949 when Beijing was finally made the new capital of China. Both China and Japan, the 2 most powerful countries of Eastern Asia, have continually fought one another for territory and power.

Nanking Massacre


In 1931 Japan began to force its military into northern China. By 1937 Japan had taken control of Shanghai and its next move was to march towards Nanking. Chiang Kai-shek knew that the fall of Nanking was a matter of time. He could not risk the annihilation of his elite troops so he ordered the removal of Chinese troops from the city, leaving behind untrained auxiliary troops in a symbolic but hopeless defense of the capital. Tang Shengzhi forbade the official evacuation of citizens and ordered that the city held at any cost. Tang Shengzhi gathered about 100,000 soldiers to prevent civilians from leaving the city.


The Japanese military breached the last lines of Chinese resistance and arrived outside the gates of Nanking on December 9. On December 12, under heavy artillery fire and aerial bombardment, General Tang Shengzhi ordered his men to retreat.


Reports estimate that some 300,000 Chinese were killed and about 20,000 to 80,000 Chinese women were raped by Japanese soldiers. Act of savagery by the Japanese on the people of Nanking range from looting, burning, mass executions, and rape. Still, many Japanese people deny the Nanking Massacre or claim it is overly exaggerated.


Survivors claim that Japanese soldiers started killing civilians for fun. They bet with each other who will kill more people. They burnt people alive, stripped them, and ordered them to run on the streets and fire on them just for there entertainment.


Rape of Nanking


It was certainly one of the mass rapes in world history. The rape of Nanking was probably the only worst instance of wartime rape inflicted on a civilian population. It is impossible to find out the exact number of females raped in Nanking. Estimates range from twenty thousand to eighty thousand. The Japanese raped women from all classes. Some of them were gang-raped to death. They were raped in all locations and at all hours.

International safety zone


Many Westerners were living within the city in that situation, conducting a trade or on missionary trips. Westerners who remained in Nanking were businessmen, physicians, and missionaries. Almost all these were members of either the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone or the International Red Cross Committee of Nanking. The westerners who remained behind established the Nanking Safety Zone, which was composed of a score of refugee camps that occupied an area of about 8.6 km2. To coordinate their efforts, the Westerners formed a committee, called the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone. German businessman John Rabe was elected as its leader, partly because of his status as a member of the Nazi party. The International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone was formed on November 22, 1937.

“The Japanese authorities never formally recognized the Zone but did say that they would not attack an area which was not occupied by Chinese troops. On this narrow margin of agreement, the Chinese promise to evacuate the area and the Japanese statement that they would not intentionally attack an unoccupied place, the Safety Zone was finally put through.” 

In late January 1938, the Japanese army forced all refugees in the Safety Zone to return home, and claimed to have “restored order”. On February 18, 1938, the Nanking Safety Zone International Committee has forcibly renamed the “Nanking International Rescue Committee“, and the Safety Zone effectively ceased to function.

After the Massacre


There is no official data on how many people lost their lives in the Nanking Massacre, though estimates range from 200,000 to 300,000 people. The true nature of the massacre has been disputed and exploited for propaganda purposes by historical revisionists, apologists, and Japanese nationalists. Some claim the number of deaths has been inflated, while the Japanese have denied that any massacre occurred.


Still, many people are not aware of this massacre, or those who are aware of it never want to talk about it. But instead of ignoring this past, We should accept that people can become demons and bring destruction to their kind just because of the desire to conquer nations. War should never be an option for any kind of problem. Only citizens and innocent people suffer during war and government or upper classes remain untouched and live in luxury whereas poor people suffer and die for the decisions that the government made. So I hope we should learn something from this incident and hope we should not see such Kind of war again. And let’s pray for the victims of the Nanking Massacre.

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