You all have heard about an army who deals with visible consequences, faces visible problems, and fight with visible enemies but have you heard about an army who faces invisible problems, deals with invisible consequences, and fights with invisible enemies? Yes, they exist and out of many ones is Robinhood Army. This army doesn’t have any explosive and expensive weapons to deal with their invisible enemy instead of it all they have is a big heart and firm determination of “thinking less and doing more“.

Who is this Robinhood Army and what they do?

Robin hood army is a zero funded organization of 54000 + volunteers around 182 cities who works on the ideology of feeding the hungry citizens of society. This all started way back in 2014 when Neel Ghosh and Anand Shah established this organization with the aim of defeating their invisible enemy hunger.

If we look throughout their journey till now then they started with 3 volunteers and served 150 people in their first night drive and now till date, they have served over 32 million+ people with 58400 Robins.

This army has not only contributed to the particular section of society but they have also done many condemnable works in different fields like

RHA (Robinhood Academy)

Robin hood Academy is the second project of the Robinhood army which started in 2016 in the pilot city with the aim of providing basic knowledge of education to the unfortunate ones. Till now this campaign is in 20+ cities with 1600 kids out of which they have successfully enrolled 500 kids in the government school.

Droughts in Latur

When Latur was hit by drought in 2016 what Robins of Robinhood army does is they organize a train, sent water on alternative days Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and ended up by sending up to 80000 liters of water to Latur.
Similarly, they also helped in floods in Chennai and Surat, fixes the damages in roads.

What’s there objective and how they are achieving it?

Just like for an army the prime objective is to defeat their enemy similarly for Robin hood Army the prime objective is to eliminate their invisible enemy “Hunger” from the society which they do without even spending a single penny, yes they work passionately and achieve their target without spending a single penny.
This army doesn’t follow any expensive protocol or complex analysis to achieve its objective, all they do and have is the awareness of their surroundings. They simply know the facts that on one side there exist 40% wastage of food in the world and on others there exists death of a child in every 10 seconds due to hunger, so all they spend is their time, they visit local restaurants, collect the surplus food from there and distribute it to the hungry people in the city by themselves. And the fact in this whole process is that they have not only fed the unfortunate one in the society without spending a single penny but they have also prevented the wastage of food in their vicinities.

How much they have achieved yet?

If you ask any Robin about their progress or how much they have done yet then they would probably say that they have done only 1% of work yet because Robin hood army is working from past 6 years and from past years they have realized that this problem of hunger is way bigger to deal hence every effort they have done and will do results in only 1% of work done and still there will be a lot to do more.

But in spite of that if we take a quick glance over the stats of what they have done then

Robins                                              58400
Cities                                                 182+
People served                                 30120178
Blessing                                            Infinite

And this is not it, they are already on their next mission Mission30M.

Mission30M is nothing but just another mission of the Robinhood Army. This Mission30M is a target of the number of people which the Robinhood army is going to feed in this covid19 between 1 July to 15 August in rural and urban areas across 10 countries and they have already started it by reaching the numbers up to 4 million.
How to join Robinhood Army?
You can also be a part of the Robinhood Army and can contribute to this mission by filling this registration form,
And the basic thing you need to be a Robin is willingness thats it, you don’t have to give several hours of your week or required specific profesion,  all its demand is your 2 hours of Sunday to feed a hungry person.
Ultimately, You know in today’s world even after grinded between 9 to 5 work and daily hectic schedule we all somewhere want to help the unfortunate ones in our surroundings, we want to solve their problems and their pain but due to lack of platform and support, we aren’t able to reach them. But organizations like Robinhood army and several other NGO’s do the thing for us, they make this easy by thinking less and doing more. They bridge the gap between us and the unfortunate ones by providing us a way a platform where we can reach and help the ones who we wanted to.
But this will only work if we are aware of our surroundings, of the groups and the people who are really working for the weaker sections of society. Only our attention to these organizations will help them and motivate them which will eventually help the unfortunate ones of the society.

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