Youtube is filled up with shitty content and non sense , but problem is people are  still getting likes and views. This is the main problem in youtube India and another problem is we have many underrated youtubers like Salil Jamdar. I think many of you haven’t heard his name , but believe me when you go through this post you will know about Salil.  Salil Jamdar is a youtuber which provides you quality content instead of shitty content which is common in a lot of YouTube videos and Bollywood movies. Jamdar’s YouTube journey began in 2014 with the web series, Shudh Desi Endings (SDE). But in 2016 he decided to move on for better content and freedom and quit the Shudh Desi Endings. According to Salil, his ideas were different from SDE about content and representation of his ideas. So he decided to start his own YouTube channel Salil Jamdar & Co. by investing 15 lakh of his own savings and 10 lakh by taking a loan from his friend. After he uploaded his videos they got copyrighted, age-restricted, yellow dollars sign, video demonetized, reach restricted. He didn’t give up. 
After that, he made a series named Asli Mard. Series includes three episodes
Episode 1: Introduction of a character’s life “kalyug ka kaamdev” 
Episode 2: What’s happening with him “naamard” 
Episode 3: Solution “web series finale” 
  me yeh nhi chata government porn ban kre  mai yeh chata hu hum hi porn band kre
― Salil Jamdar, Asli Mard
Salil’s Asli mard has a very different concept and this concept is still undiscovered by many people. Concept of Asli mard is about porn addiction and dark side effects of watching porn. I know what you are thinking what’s the problem with watching porn , and many of you think porn is sex education. All the questions are answered in asli mard. In the series, the main character started watching excess porn , then series continues with the story of  how character’s life  was changed after a certain incident which was related to porn . Then series continues with his struggle and in the last episode you will go through the conclusion of the series. Salil collaborated with indian youtuber Ashish Chanchlani and Indian rapper Raftaar. In the final episode , series’s main character life changes just by doing one thing which he was asked to do.He started noticing the change in himself. His dark circle began to reduce. Muscle weight began to increase. White hair began to disappear. Started sleeping peacefully. Focus and memory improved. Depression, weakness and stress began to disappear one by one. His ejaculatory dysfunction was fixed. To know what happened with the main character and how his life changed and what thing he did which cure him , to know asli mard is the answer to these questions. I’m pretty sure if you are a porn addict , after watching this series you will think twice before watching porn.
His aim of the collaboration was to reach more audiences. He didn’t say to stop masturbation but asked to do that once or twice a week. It’s up to you whether you want to do it once or twice a week or stop it for a much longer period. But he emphasized more on stop watching porn. He even talked about the correlation of porn with rapes and sex trafficking.For more details you can listen to his  podcast.
In this podcast, he shared his views with another YouTuber Shwetabh Gangwar. At the age of 15-16, he was indulged in these activities like watching porn. He said one cd was shared among all batch mates. He experimented on himself first and saw the changes in himself after stop watching porn completely and reduced the frequency of masturbation. He said back in college he didn’t socialise with other students the reasons behind it was porn addiction and excessive masturbation. He is a writer but he can’t think of the content. He was unable to use his talent due to porn addiction and excessive masturbation. So he was frustrated at what porn addiction and masturbation did to him. That’s why he wanted to aware people about dark side of porn industries and much more.
After Asli Mard was out it was proven that no matter how much shitty content is present on YouTube, Youtuber like Salil Jamdar is always there to tell you the truth by uploading original content. Other YouTubers like Ashish Chanchlani, Shwetabh Gangwar and rapper Raftaar came to his support. If we want more youtubers like Salil , then it’s our duty as an audience to support Salil Jamdar  through praising his content. Because of this other people will also get motivated to do something for society.  Salil represented the importance of semen retention in the form of drama, comedy and music. Semen retention is not a new concept in past personalities like Nicola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Swami Vivekananda also talked about the importance of semen retention. I’m sure after watching Asli Mard you’ll have a ray of hope of stop watching porn and if you are not able to stop masturbation for longer period try to only masturbate only once or twice a week.
If you like Asli mard series please go checkout his Endgame video. You will understand his struggle and then you will understand why he is him.

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