A sex worker is a person who receives money in exchange for sexual services. Have you ever wondered about the life of a sex worker? The struggle they have to go through. There is a stigma attached to this profession. People behave like sex workers are a disgrace to society. But people have to understand that they are also humans. They also feel pain and instead of making their life more miserable people should support them and fight for there rights with them. Sex workers are already suffering from many issues from income instability to medical issues. Sex workers have to show fake smiles always to look more appealing but reality can be different from what you are watching. So the time you spend with a sex worker be respectful to her.

People choose to join this profession for many reasons some of them enjoy in t his work but the most common reason to join this profession is unemployment and the need for money.

In India prostitution is legal but a number of related activities including soliciting in a public place, curb-crawling, owning or managing a brothel, prostitution in a hotel, child sex worker, pimping, and pandering are illegal.

We are talking about sex workers but the question is why do we need sex workers? What is the need for sex workers in our society?

Well, I don’t know if you have ever thought about it but sex workers can teach us about human connection. How? If you are males you are taught to be tough and never show your feelings in front of others. Am I wrong? Think yourselves what was your age when someone told you men don’t cry. When you can’t show your true feelings you become aggressive.

A sex worker can help those people who cannot share their problems with someone known. You can share your problems, feelings with her without thinking that other person will judge you based on your problems. It might help you to feel a little better. Those things which you were afraid to tell anyone because of people telling you to man up you can share with them. It might help to reduce your aggressive nature. If you want to take pleasure from intercourse but you are single you can contact sex workers to fulfill your desires.

Right now the world is dealing with pandemic so how sex workers are dealing with this situation?

Pandemic effects 

As we know social distancing is very important right now and in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata where brothels are located in jam-packed red light areas where social distancing is impossible to maintain are closed for everyone safety. It will directly affect the sex workers as their will be no clients for some time which means no money. Their income is vanished overnight due to coronavirus pandemic.

During this pandemic, some sex workers are offering services online or some are dependent on charities for their livelihood. Due to this many sex workers are returning to there homes as they have no access to food or medicines here. Sex workers usually get help later than any other section of society. There is no government support so NGOs and voluntary sectors have come forward to help. Women working in the sex industry are now dependent on charities for their basic needs, including food and access to medication especially antiretroviral therapy medications for treating HIV/AIDS.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has come forward to help sex workers. They delivered food to more than 900 sex workers in Delhi. RSS initiative to extend assistance to corona affected across the country.
Whether there is a pandemic or not sex workers barely get any help from the government. Stigmatization has left them on their own. Most of the sex workers are only working members of their families so if they are not getting paid anymore it means they won’t be able to eat their meals. Not only sex workers but we all should raise our voice to support them and demand to provide them with all the necessary things in this situation.


Sex workers experience disproportionate levels of violence including sexual assault, rape, harassment, extortion, abuse from clients and agents, intimate partners, local residents, and public authorities. Sex workers who have been beaten up have reported being turned away at government health centers.
At last, we all have to understand that if you are paying them it doesn’t mean you own the person and eligible to abuse them physically, psychologically, or sexually. It is not acceptable behavior.

Hi everyone, I'm pursuing higher education right now. I wish to enlighten the world with the importance of humanity and the bond we share with each other.

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