Anime is an abbreviation of the word animation. Lots of anime are adapted from mangas (comics).
Some anime are for every age group like “Pokémon” while some are for older teenagers and above like “Monster” and “Death note”.
If you are anime lover (otaku) as well as a medical student, cells at work! is perfect anime for you.

“Inside the human body, around 37.2 trillion cells energetically work each and everyday, for 24 hours and 365 days.”- Cells at work!
Cells at work! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu.

If you don’t have enough time to spend hours watching series then there is good news for you. Cells at work! consists only 13+special episodes. So you can easily watch it in your relaxing time.
The author personified the cells.

The story mainly revolves around red blood cell AE3803 who is new to her job and whenever she encounters trouble ruthless white blood cell U-1146 comes to rescue her rescue. White blood cells are part of immune system. The cells of the immune system can be categorized as lymphocytes (T-cells, B-cells and NK cells), neutrophils, and monocytes/macrophages.
These are all types of white blood cells. It shows basic processes that occur in the human body every day by illustrating how important these cells are as red blood cells deliver oxygen and carbon dioxide to their respective places. White blood cells fights with bacteria. Helper T cells coordinate and facilitate the activation of Naive T cells in Cytotoxic T-cell. Macrophages deal massive damage to the bacterial army.Platelets repair damages to the blood vessel and make your day happy by their cuteness.

The anime shows more than this like how cells react when bacteria and parasites infiltrate our body.
Bacteria and parasites are personified as monsters in the anime. Clotting factors are shown as some
“tools or gadgets” used by Platelets and the fibrin clot is shown as “net”.

Helper T cells coordinate in a “command center” across classes of immunocytes in order to fight infections. Antigen are presented as “transferring of information” or a “book”. Enucleation is shown as the “graduation ceremony” of the Red blood cells from being Reticulocytes.
The Dendritic cells is shown as tree with an operator. The cancer cells appears to be a normal cell until the natural killer cell, being able to sniff abnormalities in such cells, as they can be very dangerous. Speaking of cancer cells a doctor shared his story that a child was afraid of her operation regarding cancer.
They showed her ep 7 “cancer cells” after watching the episode she believed it is not fault of cancer cells it is their nature and was ready for her operation.

Multiple spinoffs have emerged like Cells at work! Code black
In this anime cells try do work in much harsh environment.
Other spin-offs such as Bacteria at work and Cells that do not work, are underway.

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