First off we need to aggrandize and realize the value of rights in our life and In my books, I believe that right is something that proves our existence and without basic rights, we will barely able to survive in our surrounding because for example if the world best orator will not have any right to speak than he/she will no longer in existence to be the world best orator anymore similarly if the world best writer will not have any right to express his/her views through writing than he/she will no longer in existence to be the world best writer anymore and so will be the others.
So, as from the human perspective, we all need various basic rights to prove our identity and existence to eke out in our surrounding but if we talk from an animal perspective the only right they need or deserve to eke out in their surrounding is “right to be protected”. The right to be protected is particularly a belief that as an animal, animals do have an equal right to be protected from suffering and exploitation. So, We are going to talk about animal rights.

Why We Should Accept and Respect Animal rights?

Suppose you’re left with no rights, you’re being deprived of the right to live freely, you’re being deprived of the right to be protected and you’re being deprived of the right to not use as an object. Then what will happen? You’ll probably don’t even exist but if you do your freedom will be like you will be chained and caged behind iron bars, your protection will be like you can be dead anytime either for your skin or for your other body parts whereas talking about your privacy your condition will be like somewhere you’ll be pulling weights double of your strength or maybe use as an object for commercial purposes in a zoo, circus, animal TV show, etc.
I know you’re thinking that death is far better than this way of living but trust me your death will also not going to be a natural one because the cause of your unnatural death will either be a gunshot, torture, anxiety, or a depression.
But putting things back to reality now the fact to stress here is this is all happening but the only difference is it’s not happening with you or with me but it’s happening with animals and even worse. Every day they are suffering from over exploitation, from inhumane activities, from anxiety, and just for human purposes, they are being tortured for who they are.

They Are Not Living They are Suffering

You know as a human being for us every day is a new day, a new beginning and every day is scheduled in a better way to live a better life but if we talk about animals, for them every day is a surviving day because they don’t know that whether their life will end up by being a bait of a hunter for their skins or teeth, they don’t know whether they will die in harness or from anxiety & depression. All they know is that “they are not living they are suffering” and the embodiments of that statement are slaughterhouses, zoos, circuses, animal TV shows, and sports, etc, where they are exploited and murdered for human purposes.


Excitement for us, Entanglement for them 
Whenever we buy a ticket for an exciting and thrilling animal show, do we ever think that the risky and dangerous stunts perform by animals are they willing to do it? Or are they afraid of what will happen if they don’t?
Well we all know that animals are afraid of fire and all the risky activities those are out of their capability and nature but in the circus, they are forced to perform all those activities, in the training as a punishment they are tortured by the whip, muzzle bullocks, electrical prods and even they are confined for several hours just to perform routines of circus performances. Another fact to stress here is virtual, circus animal spent their 96% of life being chained and caged and 11 months a year they travel over a long distance in a boxcar with no climate change, they also suffered from infections and leg injuries caused by standing long hours on a hard surface. 
“I think these elephants are trying to tell us that zoos and circuses are not what God created them for…but we have not been listening ….this is the kind of stuff people protest about” (Sahagun, Louis “Elephants Pose Giant Dangers,” Los Angeles Times, Oct. 11, 1994)


Educating the people? Or Entertaining the people? 
Zoo a place where the existence of animals should be protected not exploited but now a day’s zoos are all left for the purpose of entertaining people rather than educating them and to maintain the entertainment among their visitors the zoo usually practice inhumane activities which compromises the welfare of animals like
To attract more visitors by cute baby faces the zoo crossbreed the animals and later to maintain the space for new ones they kill the other ones like in Copenhagen zoo, Denmark 4 healthy lions were killed to make room for a new male lion to breed.

To eradicate the population of animals when there are fewer visitors in the offseason, the zoo either sells the animals to circus, slaughterhouses, meat industry or kill them.

To attract more visitors in the zoo, the zoo organizes the performances and stunts of animals which are trained by whips, bullhooks or sticks and this is not it, before the training the animals go through the analysis process in which the trainer scans the body of the animals and analyze the sensitive part of them so that He can further use that part of the animal for training.

Even the study of Oxford University claims that animals like polar bears, lions, tigers, and cheetahs “show the most evidence of stress and psychological dysfunction in captivity” and in a survey, it is found that median life span of African zoo elephant is 16.5 years, whereas the African elephants on nature have the life span of 56 years. So, don’t you think zoo should be banned? because it is against animal rights.


“If slaughterhouses had made of glass, everyone would be vegetarian” – Paul McCartney 

The words by Paul McCartney stresses on how brutal and awful slaughterhouses are for animals on this planet. The process from which the animal goes through in slaughterhouses is so terrorizing to even think for a second.

What happen is, before being slaughtered the animals are loaded in the truck in numbers and this is the last time they are seeing the sunlight, throughout the journey they are kept without food and water and because of 3 or 4 days long exhausted journey some of them crumble in summer season and some of them freezes in the winter, also not because of improper hygiene they suffer from infections.
After reaching to slaughterhouse they are unloaded from the truck by dragging with tied chains and those who are afraid to come out of the truck are electrified by electric prods.
Before being slaughtered, to make them unconsciousness they are shocked by electric guns and poisoned by gases.

Later on ultimately they are tied with a conveyor belt which leads to the spinning blade where their throat and other body parts are separated and cleaned.
The alarming fact here is 100 billion animals are murdered every year in slaughter houses.

What can you and I do to bring a change?

Here are some ways to prevent animal cruelty

1-You can raise your voice against animal cruelty by educating yourself and others about animal laws, teach your children to respect animals, and explain to them how to be kind with animals.

2-Awake others about what’s happening with animals in circus, zoo, slaughterhouses by sharing, supporting, and donating to the groups, NGOs, animal activists who are putting their efforts towards animal welfare. 

 3-Complaints FIR if you witness any harassment or cruelty with an animal but make sure you collect the evidence of the scene before lodging the FIR if you suspect something wrong record it by taking the picture or video on your phone and post it on social media to aware others about the crime scene.

4-Be a vegan, being a vegan means saying NO to anything which is made up of animal product. By being vegan your life will affect as good as animals.

5-Instead of visiting a zoo for experiencing an animal life we can also read them on magazines, websites or can even visit to bird observatory, the animal rehabilitation center.


“ So for the sake of humanity let’s raise our voice high together by awaking the people about the animal rights because Ultimately God has created everyone for a purpose and I believe animals are here to interact with nature rather than with human cruelty”. Animals deserve the same fundamental right as a human that is “Right to Live”. So, let’s stand together and speak for animals. Let’s become voice of the voiceless and ask for animal rights.

Writing and travelling are always my therapy. Do send me a feedback to improve my content.

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