Google! I think this is the second term after internet explorer you come to know about when you enter the world of the internet. From that day to now, Google has become an integrated part of our life. It is rare that you have never used a Google product or not currently using a Google product. Google has transformed our lives and they are continuously adapting and bringing new technology to keep us updated. But is there a cost for using Google?
So, we are going to talk about some reasons why you should not use Google! But before knowing why you should not use Google, let’s take a look at their business model.

Google’s Introduction

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Google was founded by Larry Page in 1988. Google entered the world of technology as a search engine. But it didn’t take more than 3-4 years to outlaw it’s competitors. According to Larry page , other search engines used to prioritize their own content instead of showing relevant search results. Google took this problem and showed the world how a search engine should work. And due to this Google is one of the biggest tech firms in the world. But we are not here to know about google. We want to know why we shouldn’t use Google. To understand this, we have to understand their business model.

Google Business Model

In 2000, Google began selling advertisements associated with search keywords. Google used to charge from the customer as CPI (cost per impression) i.e, to charge from customers in return for showing their ads on the search result page. Two years later, Google changed its model CPI to CPC (cost per click) i.e, getting paid from customers per click on ads.
Now Google realized to get more money, they have to show personalized ads to their user. The ads which are more relevant to the users. To achieve that Google needs only one thing that is Data. And here where google was longer a search engine.
In 2007, Google announced they will not show search results according to their search query. Instead, the search result will be based on user Personal data and the result will be personalized for each person.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Google ?

1- Data

Data is the new key. Data is the most important thing for a person’s digital privacy. But Google is collecting it and our data is used by other big companies to sell their product to us. Always remember “if you are not paying for the product, you are the product”.
This quote fits well in the context of Google. You might have seen a Trend most of the software products offered by Google is free. Just because they want your data. The more time you spend on their product. The more data they get.

2- Monopoly

It is obvious to everyone that Google has created a monopoly in the market. When you ask about search engines from anyone you will get only one answer that is Google. The only search engine they know is Google. Google has made us addicted to their product. To do this they acquire other companies such as Adsense, zipdash, etc as per their strategic importance. There are more than 163 acquisitions that fall under Google’s parent company Alphabet.
Many companies have filed cases on Google because of their monopoly in their market. A monopoly can ruin the tech industry. We don’t know what Google can do with our data if a monopoly exists in the future. We have several alternatives to Google, but are they really competing with Google?

3- Personalized Ads

This is the biggest reason for not using Google. Google has only one goal that is to gain more and more profit. And as Google is an advertisement company, the only way they can earn is through more people click on their ads. To do this, personalized ads is the best way. Personalized ads are good for Google and its customers(We are the user, not the customer). But is it ok for you?
You often have noticed whenever you search for a product on Google, you see ads related to that product on every website you visit. The basic problems lie here is 1 – your data is being stored and analyzed. And the second thing is whenever you see ads related to the product everywhere, you decided to buy it even you don’t require it. It is pure psychology.

4- Google Ecosystem

Google is trying to get deep and deep into our life. Firstly started as a search engine now google is everywhere around us. From our mobile devices to tv, to personal assistants. Google is making their AI smarter. The more they develop their AI and expand their products. The more data they have. The more data they have the more they violate our privacy. We are entering the future where the machine will know us better than anyone, even us.

5- Climate Change

It may be stupid but it can be a reason for many of you for not choosing google as a search engine. It’s not about Google it’s about every tech company. They store the data in the big data centers. Where hundreds of supercomputers are working continuously releasing a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. So, if you are concerned about climate change you can try Ecosia, the browser that respects your privacy as well as 100% environment friendly. They use solar energy to power their all data centers and plant 1 tree for every 45 searches per user.

What We Can do?

1- Throw Out Google From Your Life

This is the most simple, way to save yourself from google. But is it really possible? Start by removing google chrome from your life. Don’t use google chrome if you want privacy, always go for Firefox one of the few browsers that respect your privacy.
Use different products according to your need. If you want a search engine use, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, etc. Don’t sign in anywhere from your google account. Google sync every step you take online. In the phone segment, you can opt for Apple products. Ya, apple products are not cheap but they ensure privacy.

2-Disable Cookies

An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data stored on the user’s computer by the web browser while browsing a website. You often heard of cookies. Right? If not so, then imagine it as a file that is being downloaded to your web browser while suffering a particular website. All the details of your data which include your time duration you spend on the website, the product your wishlist, etc, All these data are on that cookie. Disabling Cookie disallows the website to leave that file onto your browser and it will keep your data safe. And can save you from personalized ads.
Storing cookies depends upon the browser you are using. And I think you are currently using Google Chrome. I recommend you to use Firefox. There are numerous reasons why to use Firefox.

3-Use VPN(Virtual Private Network)

You might have heard about VPN. This is highly recommended to anyone who actually cares about his privacy. VPN masks your data such as your IP address, location, and search history, and keep you safe from being tracked by websites, internet browsers, cable companies, internet service providers (ISPs), and others. But VPN comes at a cost. VPN service providers have a monthly subscription just like Netflix. There are several VPN you can try. But according to me, Nord VPN is the best VPN and you should try.

4- Disable Personalized Ads

When you disable personalized ads, you will no longer see ads related to your searches. If you don’t want to see personalized ads then there is no more reason left for google to collect your data to show ads. You can disable personalized ads from the activity center from your google account or you can search for videos on youtube.

Is Google the only one?

No, if we look into our daily life we are being manipulated on daily basis. That is from social media. Yes, from social media. Although social media have their own side effects apart from data privacy. They are targeting and manipulating our decisions. Ever head of Facebook- Cambridge Analytica Scandal? Check this out to know more.
Both Google and Facebook have a similarity between their business model that is ads. Facebook is often accused of misusing user data and use that data in political manipulation. So, if you are worried about your privacy you may want to leave Facebook. If you are quitting facebook then quit instagram too.


“Privacy in the digital world is a myth”. You have heard this quote before. And I think this quote perfectly defines the current situation. We are surrounded by new technology, AIs are evolving daily. The better they become, tour privacy will be invaded more and more. If you truly respect your privacy just think before using any free service. Question yourself why do they giving this service for free? How the company is earning their profit? So, we talked about why you shouldn’t use google? Now, are you ready to throw google out of your life? Or will you still have to rely on Google?
What are your views comment down? Are you ready not to use google?

Hi, Everyone! I'm just a simple guy who just wanted to educate others and help them understand Online Privacy and how to protect it. I'm a climate change activist. I love to talk about climate change and data privacy.

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