We talked about the addiction of alcohol and highlight its hazardous impact on the kidney, we talk about the addiction of drugs and highlights its injurious impact on the brain. But do we ever highlight the threat of the addiction of pornography on ourselves? How this pornography addiction is curving us into an invisible threat and others? 

What’s so wrong with pornography and how it’s impacting us?


Dominates and deceive the user’s mind

Dominates The User’s Mind

A person who consumes alcohol more frequent develops his taste of alcohol consumption from strong to stronger, he switches and moves too much stronger alcohol to satisfy his wants and satisfaction similarly the pornography users who consume porn more frequent develop a taste of porn consumption from extreme to more extreme, the one who has to begin with normal porn has now to create the same buzz switches and shift from normal to more extremes porns.

Eventually when their pornography addiction doesn’t satisfy from the pixels then they approach the wrong ways to fuel their hunger which eventually gives birth to domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rapes.

The fact to stress here is in a pornography website you will find different type of contents being categorized by the website for their users, from extreme porn to rape porn, from animal sex to gang rape, everything is one click away, one click away to transform the hunger of a monster into an attempt to rape case.

“whenever a rape case happens it trends on the top search list of porn site”

According to a study 83%, those who used mainstream pornography expressed a greater intent to commit rape if they assure they wouldn’t get caught.

Deceive The User’s Mind

How do we learn the way of speaking? We see the individuals around us communicating with each other, we grab the words from that environment and feed our minds with them. The same thing happens with the pornography addiction, we see the sexual content, nurture our minds in that environment and feed it with the false lies by accepting and expecting that that’s how sex should be done and sound, that the women are sex objects and hence all they want is sex.

The girls are always ready for sex, extreme and aggressive behaviors make sex more appealing to them if a woman is saying no then she is actually asking for it. 

Pornography deceives the user by creating a false picture of sex, in every video initially, the scene starts with no and ends with sex, it portrays the women is always ready to fuck with anybody.

The younger minds who are new in a relationship misguided by scripted pornography, accept and aggrandize that this is how a relationship work starts from sex and ends with sex.

“A boy didn’t stop raping a girl call even she was crying because he said that its normal girl cries doing sex”.

One study, published in the journal Paediatrics, estimates that 42% of children and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 17 have been exposed to porn.

Drain Our Valuable Time

Whenever we do something we do it for the satisfaction we do it for the feeling of pleasure like we go to the gym intending to gain the muscles satisfaction, we study intending to achieve the good grades satisfaction but when we consume pornography what happens is we eliminate the aim of doing work for satisfaction, since gaining the pleasure is just 2 clicks away so what’s need to put even extra efforts, time and money to gain the satisfaction by doing other work.

But since in today’s internet world, pornographic contents are accessible hence most people having pornography addiction end up choosing pornography for direct pleasure rather than being motivated for doing anything.

Harms our relations

Social Relation

Pornography is an open source for everyone hence consumers of pornography have aggrandized the virtual reality and incline their interest towards them.

According to the study in the University of Sydney of 800 regular porn users, 20% said to prefer porn over sex with a partner. The reason is simple, the people have connected themselves with the pixels so much that they have alternate it over people. They know that dating a girl may end by a no but never with pornography, it never disappoints, you click you reach and take the pleasure without being questioned and without being waited.

Personal Relation

In pornography addiction, the user develops an interest in extreme porn, since the satisfaction expectations in his minds are higher from the partner (thanks to pornography) therefore when his partner isn’t able to match with the expectations, it ends up losing interest from other partner and instead of spending time with her he relays on giving more time to pornography.

Cases like sexual abuse and violence of husband with wife also surge by pornography addiction. Being inspired by pornography and unsatisfied by the expectations of their partners mostly the husband ends up exempting the frustration on their wives by beating and harassing them and more aggressively approaching them for sex. In many cases, the spouse complains about the aggressive behavior and practices of their partner in sex because of pornography addiction.

Watching pornography is self-centered you don’t need anyone to fulfill your sexual desire all you need internet and a website (which is commonly accessible). Therefore mostly the partner in a relationship only approaches her partner for sexual intercourse which eliminates the intimacy and affection between them.

“According to a scientific study pornography addiction double the rates of divorce”

Mental Health

Lack Of Concentration 

Pornography acts as a drug you crave for it because it leads to the secretion of dopamine (dopamine is a chemical released by the brain which leads to gives immense pleasure).

For an addict of pornography it hards to concentrate on other things because all his mind is being focused to find ways to watch pornography and satisfy his secretion of dopamine.

While watching pornography and masturbating after it makes the user feel better (because of the secretion of dopamine chemical from the brain) hence the focus of the user most of the time depends upon finding ways to watch pornography to satisfy the secretion of dopamine.

It’s the dopamine which drives the user back to the porn.

Depression And Anxiety

Loss of dopamine results in anxiety and depression, stimulation of dopamine by the brain gives a pleasant feeling to the body since the level of dopamine is already low in the brain due to drainage in excessive consumption of pornography hence brain finds difficulty in generating the dopamine. The absence of dopamine results in the arousal of depression and anxiety in the user’s mind.

The pornography addiction also leads to the problems of sleeping deprivation, exhaustion, and poor self-care, since being an addictive of pornography the brain only focuses on getting the buzz from the visuals hence it acts like a drug for the brain which needed to be fulfilled and results in lack of proper sleep and tiredness.


Everything in the universe is interconnected what we see we learn we preach and we serve like we realize to eke out in the surrounding we need money hence we learned and served ways to earn money, we do realize to eke out in the surrounding we need food hence we learned and served ways to ensure food security.

Similarly, the scripted sexual content that pornography is visualizing is actually preaching us but with the false information, no women want to be choked by a dick, no women want any appealing aggression to penetrate stick in their vaginas. But people are served by being preached form pornography.

A supply of a product only prevails in the market when its demand therefore we cannot entirely blame the porn industry for the outcomes because we are demanding it. Hence we can only stop it by making a change. Instead of waiting for the government to ban porn sites, we can and we should ban porn from our life by ourselves and take the step to break this chain.

Please do share these impacts of pornography with others to aware them of the thing that pornography addiction curving them.

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